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Weird glowing stones

on Wed Oct 03, 2018 10:52 pm
On the way to mars we found these weird glowing stones that seem to have strong amount of energy to them we have 5 of them and we cannot seem to know what they do but we know if we touch them it hurts so we are trying to make something that can hold them all together but we think that it can be used to build the city better if anyone here knows what they are please contact us because we really don't know what we're doing we're just couple people in space with rhinestones and now trying to make something to hold them all these we want to make our city a perfect Utopia so if anyone here knows about these Stones we are calling them space Stones if you know their name or something or anything like that please tell us because this because this is crazy and like one of these Stones can like change time and it's weird and one of them can like duplicate stuff so now we have an infinite amount of food do you want that car named Infinity I think we might call these the Infinity Stones it seems fitting for something that can give you infinite power so we are going to be calling these the Infinity Stones we are ready for new time we are now moving into space age we're done with staying in one place we should explore all of space and what's out there because if they if they're Stones he's back there has to be people out there as strong as us that we can gain the trust and then take their power so if you have any info on these stuff please to help
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