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Alliance with Quetzacoatlus

on Wed Oct 03, 2018 11:18 pm
Hello we like to know if you would like to Ally with us and we noticed that you have some powerful things and in return for your items will give you powers that you can never imagine of we have come across something that changes everything come in contact with us if you like anything we have stones that will change spacing time we can give you the power chain space and time just contact us Tulsi like to have Airlines always be nice to have someone else with us we are very nice country we really don't like Wars but when it comes to it we will not try to participate like the whole War thing we left. We left the Earth because we didn't want to die I saved king Sam and king Spiros 04 and I found out I might be able to travel back to Earth using a power I found out the save the other kings I've to Kings save King ISO and King George so that's my next mission I need the Kings be with us because they're the greatest Minds so as I'm done doing this I will have the Kings with me
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