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Lucyicra issues and controversy

on Tue Oct 09, 2018 12:53 pm
There has been some controversy in Lucyicra. We have lots of police, but some of them have been a little trigger happy. Everytime there is a slight possibility of a threat, they’re first response is to gun them down until they stop moving. But this is getting innocent people killed and is killing criminals before they can serve their jail time. Now the reason it’s such a problem is because they can’t be convicted without violating the self-defense law and I can’t get rid of that without causing more problems. And getting rid of guns altogether because that’s impossible at this point, so I’ve decided to replace lethal weapons with nonlethal weapons. Instead of metal bullets, they will have rubber bullets. Also, pepper spray, tazers, batons and tranquilizers. This way, they will only injure them enough to disarm them, but not enough to kill them. And since they are so afraid of getting shot so much, I will give them bulletproof vests and helmets and padding, like the swat team has. I shall call it, “THE NONLETHAL VILOLENCE ACT”.
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